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This is a gaim plugin which connects to the xfire network.
It is not supportet by the official Xfire team.


You can download the latest Games list for Gfire here.


Today somebody offered me to keep a up to date gfire_games.xml. You can now download it from the link
under Misc on the top of that page. The List should always be up to date and i won't post updates on that list.
in other news, i got emails from people that would like to help with the future developement of gfire.
I'm going to coach them, and i hope that a new version will be released one day.

Hi, after a long time of absence, only a small news.
Brandon Foxx sent me a updated xml file with the xfire games in it. You can replace the
current one. This xml file will help to identify more games that your friends are playing.
By the way. gfire is not developed anymore. I'm searching someone that could take over the
developement. so please contact me on my email address: asraniel AT fryx . ch

After all this long waiting, we have a new release, and it's not just a small one.
Thanks to Keith Geffert, he coded the whole release and did everything.
I dint code a single line of code myself, so i would like to thank him very much.
Here are a few features from this release:

New features:

You can download the full Changelog here
Download it now!

25.08. 06
Just a short news to thank everyone that is using gfire. Currently a version of gfire is in test that supports gaim 2.0. I would like to thank Keith Geffert for his wonderfull programming job he is doing right now. Expect a new version of gfire soon!

18 9. 05
So, today i decided to quickly release a small release, just that everybody can login again to xfire.
Dont forget to set a protocol version that is high enough, xfire is now at version 1.45, so set at least
45, you can also set it to a higher value.
enjoy the new release:
i hope a windows build will follow soon.
If you already applied the patch in the forums to the version 0.5.7 you dont have to download this version.

16 9. 05
Just another short news. I will be away for 3 more weeks. After that i can continue with coding
again. In the meantime xfire broke the protocol. In the forum you can find a inofficial patch for
linux users. And thanks to "itchysoft_ant", the windows users can now download a inofficial dll wich makes
gfire work again on windows. Download it now.
This dll and the patch are not official, i wont respond to any support requests. if you get problems with
it, post in the forum.

10 7. 05
This will be the last release, probably for some months. I go to the army the next 3 months.
It has only one bugfix, but probably this is a important one for many. The 100% cpu bug is now gone :-)
Special thanks to Keith Geffert who helped my find this bug.
Download it now.

27 6. 05
This is a bugfix release. The plugin was crashing when no alias was set on login.
Download it now.

25 6. 05
Finaly a new release. Its a small release with some bugfixes(very small ones, not even in the changelog)
and finaly the accept/deny dialog for new buddys.
You can get the new version at the download page.

Changelog 0.5.5:

14 6. 05
Second release in one day, and again, mostly bugfixing again.
win32 build:


14 6. 05
i just saw myself in the news on :-)
Because of this i decided to release a bugfix release, specialy because of the build
system, which was broken for some people before. Probably its still broken, but less :-)
If this release isnt working, take 0.4.0, i had to stress to release this one, no beta testers
could test it, but there are no big changes in it as you can see in the changelog

Improvements: Bugfixes: 11 6. 05
here it is, version 0.4.0
there are some nice features, and more important, some important bugfixes.
Look at the Changelog for the changes. You can download the source here
Win 32 build can be found here
Features: Bugfixes:
Here is the win32 version: Download

6 6. 05
New release.again..
and again, a new version of my plugin 0.3.0. Many bugs have been fixed
and some features have been added download the source here
Features Bugfixes:

i just got the win32 build. Ive heard that there is a bug in it which uses 100% cpu,
couldnt confirm that, i dont have windows and under linux it runs fine.
grab it here

2 6. 05
New release.
My plugin is now in version 0.2.0.Many many bugfixes and new features :-)
Download the source here
thanks to Brian "TLM" Davenport we have a win32 build here

28 5. 05
The feature to show what game a buddy is playing is nearly finished.
I can now tell which user in my buddy list is playing what game, on which server
with what port. No i have to show this information in the GUI of gaim. I dont know
now how to do that, but i will search.
There is also another problem. The server only tells me the ID of the game my buddy is playing,
but i dont have a list of those ids and what they mean. So i will need some help later with that.

23 5. 05:
First release. Download it here or here (external mirror provided by Keamos)


Here is the protocol documentation:
open office


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